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Posted on May 22 2024

For generations, carpets have been an essential component of dwellings. It has been a convenient trend for all to buy carpets online which is in a way making all our lives very easy. Online carpet purchases are becoming more and more common in today's fast-paced society when convenience is very much essential. Among the plethora of choices available, the process of buy carpets online might initially seem dramatic. We, at Rugslane, deal with all kinds of carpets and rugs and we do have a variety in it. This blog will go over the advantages of purchasing carpets online, things to think about before making a decision, and how to ensure the process is easy and hassle-free.

Know About The Types

Common floor coverings include floor mats, rugs, carpets, and bedside runners.  In essence, size is the only distinction between rugs and carpets. A rug is more portable and only covers a smaller area of the room than a carpet, which spans the entire space from wall to wall. These days, nevertheless, the terms are used synonymously. Any place in your house will look different when a carpet is added. Designer rugs are so much in and their use is increasing with each passing day. It brings the furniture and drapes together in harmony. Because carpets typically last longer than other décor items, it's critical to choose wisely to buy carpets online.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Carpet Online India

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There are several factors that one should look for before buying carpets online.

Some of the points are: 

  • Price

To prevent yourself from losing, try to determine the true cost of the carpet. Depending on their characteristics, different grades of carpets can be purchased at different prices. Therefore, you must determine whether or not the carpet is worth the price. To get an idea of how much that designer rugs will cost, measure the area in your room. In order to get a decent carpet and avoid going over your budget, you can also set a budget for the purchase of different rugs such as designer rugs, jute rugs and more.

  • Quality of Carpet

 Before purchasing, try to assess and learn about the carpet's quality. Given that the market is home to a variety of merchants selling carpets. Since none of them are selling high-quality designer rugs, you must decide which is the best. You can also feel or touch the carpet to find out. Because high-quality carpet is consistently soft to the touch, walking on it is comfortable. Buy carpets online with us and forget about the quality issues as we provide the best in the market. 

  • Design and Colour of Carpet

 Selecting the best carpet pattern can enhance the whole appeal of your house. Your carpet's colour and design will determine how comfortable and genuine it feels. 


For choosing the colour and design of the carpet or rug, coordinate the carpet with the motif of the house, taking into account the hues of your curtains, walls, and other furniture. While selecting a color, try to consider the foot traffic in the area as well. In order to buy carpets online, one should consider these points. Additionally, it can be kept in mind that lighter colors work better in places with low foot traffic, and darker colors work better in high-traffic areas.

  • Place of Buy

    You can buy carpets and rugs from numerous websites and online stores. The question is if the quality, cost, and other services offered by each platform are the same. The answer is no; instead, you must choose the best location for your carpet purchase. One should carefully evaluate consumer reviews and testimonials and compare pricing across many sites. Verifying their additional services, such as payment methods, replacement policies, delivery costs, etc., is also crucial. Buy carpet online india and get access to multiple deals in a flash. 

     Know About The Maintenance of the Carpet or Rug

    There are specific cleaning and maintenance guidelines included with every carpet or rug. Each material requires a unique processing method. Make sure the carpet is lightweight and easy to clean if it will be a frequent feature of your design. Handmade rugs made of cotton can be a wise decision. As part of routine carpet cleaning, cotton carpets can be machine-washed. In the event of a spill, spot cleaning is also less complicated and works similarly to removing a stain on cotton cloth. 

    Maintenance of a carpet is crucial to ensure its longevity and keep it looking new and fresh. Whether you have a carpet online India or rugs, here are some tips for maintaining your carpet:

    Best living room rugs
    • Vacuum Often:

    Vacuum your handmade rugs or carpets from India at least once a week, or more frequently in places with heavy traffic. This will get rid of dust, filth, and other particles that could harm the carpet's fibers.

    • Treat Stains Right Away:

    If you spill anything on your handmade rugs or carpet from India, take quick action to remove the stain. After wiping up the spill with a fresh cloth, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for stain removal application.

    • Deep Clean:

    Depending on how much foot activity your handmade rug or carpet gets, you should deep clean it once or twice a year. Either rent a carpet cleaning machine or employ a professional cleaner to conduct the cleaning yourself.

    • Turn Pieces of Furniture:

    Turn pieces of furniture from time to time to avoid causing wear and tear on particular regions of handmade rugs or online carpets.

    • Clip Snags:

    To stop loose strands or snags from becoming tangled and causing more damage, clip any snags you find on your handmade rugs or carpet purchased online from India with a pair of scissors.

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